CRC Library

Cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is a method for calculating checksums that is mainly used in network protocols. The following algorithms are supported by the library:

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Classes Crc
Examples Calculating a CRC32 checksum



class Crc {
    static dword crc32(dword crc, const void *buf, int size);


The Crc class defines static functions for calculating checksums.

Public functions

crc32 (static function)
Calculation of CRC32 checksums. The function can be called multiple times in order to process chunked data.


dword crc Set to 0 for the first (or only) chunk of data. Set to the last returned value for all subsequent chunks.
const void * buf The data to be processed.
int size The number of bytes from buf to be processed.

Return value

dword The calculated checksum.

Code Example

Calculating a CRC32 checksum

dword checksum = 0;
checksum = Crc::crc32(checksum, block1, block1_len);
checksum = Crc::crc32(checksum, block2, block2_len);