com.innovaphone.avatar (App API)

This API is used for managing profile images. If not profile image has been set, a SVG with the name initials will be displayed. For this, the com.innovaphone.avatar library is used.

To access the API
var avatar = new innovaphone.Avatar(start, user, domain);
The start object
The user doing the request, to check the privacy settings
The default domain, to be used if no domain is given in user
To get an URL
avatar.url(sip, size, dn);
The sip from the user which profile picture is requested. If it does not contain a domain (which means that just the username is provided), the domain provided in the constructor is used.
The size of the picture in pixels (for example, 64).
The display name of the user (optional). If set, it will be used to obtain the initals for the default picture. Otherwise the common name will be used. If the user has not been found, "..." will be displayed.

API model

Service info

The filename part of the profile picture URI.
An arbitrary string used for authentication.
The domain of the avatar provider.

Provider model

The API doesn't define a provider model.

API messages

All messages are JSON objects that have a mandatory attribute "mt" that specifies the message type.


The API doesn't define any request messages.


The API doesn't define any response messages.